by The Look at Me's

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released March 31, 2015



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The Look at Me's Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: 東新宿ブルース
I said all i could say
so i did not say anything
like pronouns, we held our place
till words came, and words ruin everything

Seven years and hemispheres away
such fragile lives, string-tethered broken things
blind my eyes
twin burning suns that set over everything

On the right bank of the Neuse River, I looked down
On the north side of the wrong town, I watched you drown
On the final leg of the last flight, I lost sight
On the first breath of the last mile, I will rise
Track Name: きみもヤクザになれる
Delaware, are you aware?
I will always say goodnight
So dry your eyes

Virginia, do you even care?
With your trombone panda blues
What do you have to prove?

North Carolina
We left all of our friends behind us
And walked off to fade out on Sunset

Tennessee, would you forgive me
If I found my way back home
If you're tired of being alone

Closer, not further away
If I find the strength to say
Closer, not further away
I'll stay
Track Name: じゃばうぉっきー
Always kicking, screaming, punching and shoving
pushing others into ovens
It's gonna be a hot one!
Just head towards the light
The Germans are always touring
if you can't keep up your boring
tonight, they'll sing one time

All the kids are happy
with the items that they paid for
Yeah, we're tiding over users
till they hit another pay wall
In-app purchase fight!
The economy is soaring
Don't be 35 and boring
tonight, we'll sing one time

A long, drawn out goodnight flight
your hands down by your side
fair trade, fair game, right
my hands down by your side
I let you down and I...

Belated arrivals
Jabberwocky for the win
Just full of surprises
Yeah, unicorn horns are in

It's gonna be a hot one!
We're all ears and eyes
Russia's stock is soaring
if you're bored, then your're boring
That's right, we'll sing all night